sist update: 28/10-06
A/AA/AAA/AAAA's i Stepmania:

Alt er sortert etter tittel på sangene!

feks: 10 H A 003xam.

10 tallet forran settninga betyr "føtter".

H'en etter 10 tallet står for heavy.

A etter H'en står for en karakter .

ITG er merka med sånn farge


10 H A 003xam- agemo

6 H AA 1,2,3,4,077- ni-ni

7 H AA 1-2-3- Captain jack

6 H AA 17sai- bambee

7 H AA 1998- Naoki

7 H AAA 20,november- Dj naguero

7 H AA 45--shinedown

6 H AAA 5, 6, 7, 8- Steps

8 H AA 7Years and 50 days- Groove Coverage


8 H A a day at the farm- prizm

7 H AA a little less conversation- Elvis presley

8 H AA Aaron's party- Aaron Carter

9 H A Afronoia- Naoki(mix)

9 H A Afronova- Naoki -mix

9 H AA Afronoia primeval- 8 bit

7 H AA against all odds- -dejavu

9 C AA all the things she said- tatu

10 C AA Anubis- Banzai (92.75%)

7 H AA Around the world- Red hot chilipeppers

8 H A Arrabbiata- RevenG

8 H AA asereje- las ketchup

10 C AA Assault on hardcore- W1p3out

11 C A At last i can say i tried- Cex

8 H AA axel f 2003- murphy brown

9 H AA ayla part 2- ayla


8 H AA B4u- Naoki

10 H AAA bagder bagder- mushroom mushroom

10 H AA Bag- revenG

10 H A Bag- Edit lol revenG

10 H A Balloon- Dj aligator

10 H A Banjo-kazooie- Nintendo

9 H AA Be lovin- D-crew

9 H AA Beautiful day- U2

10 H A Bee- Banya

11 H AA Beethoven virus- Banya

11 C A Before i forget- Slipknot

11 H A Beloved- Intersate

10 C AA Bend your mind- Reflection Theory (90.41%)

10 H A Breverly hills cop theme- Axel f

9 H AAA Birdie- Doolittle (95.60%)

9 H AA blood is pumping- Voodoo & Serano

10 H AA blood is pumping(speed mix)- Voodoo & Serano

12 C A Bloodrush- Tekno Dred (81.15%)

8 H AA Blow it up- Frank Klepacki

9 C AA Boogie down- Invurse (93.92%)

11 H A Boom boom fire- d.essex

11 H A Boss Machine- DM Ashura

10 C AA Bouff- Machinae (88.12%)

9 C AA Bounce- System of a down

11 H AA Boundary- Sparker

9 H A Bowser battle- Koji Kondo

9 H A Break down!- Be for U

10 H AA blow me away(long)-breaking benjamin

8 C AA Breaking the habit- Linkin Park

11 H A Bright Pulse- Cas

10 C AA Brightone- onoken

7 H AA Bring me to life- Evanescence

10 H A Bring me to life(long)- Evanescence

7 H A Bumble bee- Bambee

10 C AA Bungee- D-tune

7 H AA Burnin' the floor- Naoki

10 H A butterfly- (super chip mix)

8 H AA Butterfly(speed)-

11 C A BYOB- System of a down


8 H A California dreamin'- DJ sammy

7 C AA Call on me- Eric pryds

10 C AA Can't Forget the pass- Dj melody

9 H AAA Can't stop fallin' in love- Naoki

6 H AA Can't Stop fallin' in love- Naoki with y & co (supernova)

9 H AA Can't touch me- family guy

8 H AA Candy- luv Unlimited

11 H A Candyman(long)- Aqua

11 H A Canon-D- Banya

9 C AA Captain Jack(long)- Captain Jack

7 H AAA Caribbean Queen- Billy Ocean

7 H AA Cartoon Heroes- Aqua

11 C A Cartoon Heroes(long)- Aqua

10 C A Castlevania- Konami

10 H AA Castlevania(long)- Unknown

12 H A Cauli Flower(long)- Onoken

7 H AA Cha Cha Slide- Dj casper

10 C AA Chaos- De-sire retunes (supernova)

11 C AA Charlene- Missing Heart (93.33%)

11 C AA Charlene Remix- Missing Heart (90.42%)

8 H AA Chic 'n' stu- System of a down

8 H AA Children- Robert Miles

11 C AA Children of Decadence- Children of bodom

10 C AA Chop Suey!- System of a down

10 H A Classic Party Triathlon(long)- Guitar Freaks

11 C A Clockwork Genesis- Inspector K (82.82%)

11 H A Cotton-eye joe- Rednex

7 H AAA Cotton-eye Joe- Rednex

8 H AA Cow Girl- Bambee

9 H A Crap-Tacular Remix- Madsprtan 4D

7 H AA Crazy in love- Beyonce

10 C AA Crow song- Galaxee

10 C AA Cryosleep- Machinae (84.43%)

10 H A Cuban Pete- Jim Carrey

7 H AA Cuban Pete"from mask"- Jim Carrey

9 H A Cyanide 2600- Spineshank


9 C AA Da Root's- Mind Reflection (94.08%)

10 C AA Da Root's remix- Mind Reflection (82.56%)

10 C AA Daikenkai- Des-row

8 C AA Daikenkai- Des-row

7 H AA Dam dariram- Joga

7 D AA Dare(long)- Gorillaz

10 H AA Dark black forest- Steve Rhyner

9 C AAA Dawn- KaW

9 H AA Dawn remix- KaW (92.42%)

12 C A Dead end's healing vision- DJ smalls

12 C AA Delirium- Smiley (86.05%)

12 C AA Delirium remix- Smiley (86.05%)

11 C A Demonheart- Luca Turilli

11 C AA Destiny- Smiley (93.58%)

12 C A Determinator- Dust devil (82.32%)

9 C A Disconnected- Inspector K (66.34%)

9 C AA Disconnected Disco- Kid whatever (88.99%)

10 C A Disconnected hyper- Inspector K (88.00%)

11 C A Disconnected hypermix- Inspector K

9 C AA Disconnected Mobius- Inspector K (88.49%)

10 C AA Dj Aligator Project 2- DJ Aligator

8 H AA Domo Domo Domo (kcp remix)-

8 H AA Don't try to stop it- roman holliday

10 H A Downfall(long)- Children of a bodom

6 H AA Dragostea din tei- O-zone

8 C A Dreagostea din tein (dj aligator mix)- O-zone

11 H A Dreaming(long)- System of a down

9 C A Drifting Away- filo bedo (69.61%)

10 C AA Drifting Away remix- filo bedo (87.12%)

8 H AA Drifting Away- Lange feat.skyne

9 C A Driving Force Classical- digital explosion (75.57%)

9 H A Dub-i-dub(kcp remix)- Me and my

8 H AA Dxy- Taq


8 H AA Eat 'em up!- Pac-Man

7 H AAA El Ritmo Tropical- Dixies Gang

12 C AA Engergizer- ZigZag (85.56%)

12 C A Euphoria- kaw (82.78)

8 H AA Every Breath You Take- DJ Tommi B

10 C A Everytime we touch(long)- Casandra

9 H A Exotica- Banzai


9 C A Faint(long)- Linkin Park

10 A C Fascination maxx- 100-200-400 (supernova)

11 C AA Feel good inc(long)- Groillaz

8 H AA Feeling this- Blink 182

11 H AA Felys- Onoken remix

10 H AA FF7 Boss Battle- The Black Mages

11 C A Fire emblem ride with us(long)- Nintendo

8 H AA First date- Bink 182

10 C AA Fleadh uncut- Parker / Stiles (92.59%)

9 H AA Fly Away- Missing Heart (83.94%)

9 H AA Fly Away- Visa

9 H A Fly swatting- Nintendo

9 C AA Flying high- Fido bedo (91.13%)

8 H A Forever young- Laura Branigan

9 H AA Freeloader- Driftwood

8 H AA Freestyler- Bomfunk MC'S

9 C AA Funk Factory- Money Deluxe (87.75%)

9 C A Funk soul brother- Fat Boy Slim

7 H AA Funky town - C-Loud


10 H A Galaxy of Wizard- Silvia

10 C AA Gay bar- Electric six

8 H AA Get busy- Sean paul

8 H AA Get busy(remix)- Sean paul

7 H AA Get this party started- pink

9 H AA Ghostbusters- umi ghoulies

7 H AA Give it up- Captain Jack

12 C AA Go 60 Go- Takoyaki (90.93%)

9 H AA Gothic system- Dj Technorch

10 C AA Grand prix- Mega NRG man

10 C AA Guvana(marathon)- Manowar


10 H AA Halo oc remix(marathon)- krispy

8 H AA Halo Theme- Bungie Music

9 C AA Hamsterdance song- Hampton Hamsters

9 H AA Hand of time remix- reflection theory (94.42%)

10 C AA Hand of time- reflection theory (90.90%)

9 H AA Happy Theme- The Cynic Project

8 H AA Hard to say i'm sorry- Aquaen

10 H AAA Hardcore of the north - digital explostion (95.90%)

12 C A Hardcore of the north- digital explostion (80.99%)

9 H AA Hardcore overdoze- Euphoria

11 C A Hardcore Symphony- Digital Explosion (79.54%)

9 H A Healing Japan- RevenG/De-Sire

9 H A Healing Vision (megamix)- 2MB

9 H A Healing Vision(half mix)- Naoki

9 H AA Healing Vision(angelic mix)- 2MB

8 H AA Healing Vision- De-sire

9 H AA Healing-d-vision - De -strad (supernova)

8 H AA Healing2000- Tiy

8 H AA Heaven- Dj Sammy

8 H A Heaven is a place on earth- Wildside

9 C AA Helena- My chermical romance

7 H AA Help! i'm a fish- Creamy

9 H AA Hey ya- Outkast

15 C A Hidden keyboard solo- Children of bodom

9 C AA High- Digital Explosion (92.96%)

10 C A Hillbilly hardcore - Benga Boys (89.87%)

8 H AA Holic- TaQ

12 C A Holy Thunderforce(long)- Rhapsody

6 H AA Holy virgin- Groove Coverage

10 C AA Hybrid- Machiane (92.37%)

8 H A Hymn- Music Instructor

9 H AA Hyper hyper- Smiley

10 H A Hyrule overworld- Nintendo


7 H AA I like to move it move it- Dj Aligator

9 H AA I need a hero- Bonnie Tylor

6 H AA I Want you to want me- solid harmonie

7 H AAA I will survive- Gloria Gaynor

9 H A i'm the scatman- The Scatman

7 H AA in the shadows- The Rasmus

9 C AA Incognito- Inspector K (91.35%)

11 C A Infection- Inspector K

11 H A Insect digestion melancholy- hrvatskil

9 H A into the light- Ayla

9 H AA it's a small world- Tomosuke


7 H AA Jenny from the block- J.lo

11 C A July- Smiley (87.76%)

9 C AA July-Euromix-- JS14 (89.00%)

7 H AA Jump around- House Of Pain

10 C A Just lose it(long)- Eminem


10 C AA Kagami- Kaw (93.25%)

6 H AAA Keep on Movin'- N.M.R

7 H AAA Kick the can- Bus Stop

6 H AA Kind Lady- Okuyatos

8 H AA Kiss Kiss- Holly Valance

8 H AA Knowledge- Elyts

6 H A Kono Omoi o Tsutaetai- Sakura

5 H AAA Kung fu fight- bus stop

10 C A Kung fu fighting- bus stop

11 H A Kuon(long)- Mark Fossey

11 H A Kyle's mom is a bitch- south park


8 H AA La senorita vritual- 2MB

10 H AA Laid to Rest(long)- Lamb of god

10 C AA Land of the rising sun- Spacekats (91.75%)

11 H A Lataia- Onoken

8 H AA Legend of steel- luca turilli

12 H A Legend of Zelda- Dave Phaneuf

9 C AA Lemmins on the run - E-Rotic(80.44%)

8 C AA Lemmins on the run remix- E-Rotic (94.83%)

8 H AA let's fighting love- South Park

8 H AA let's get retarded- Black Eyes Peas

8 H A Lights- Clean Tears

12 C A Toy like soliders- Eminem

9 C AA Lipstick kiss- Ernest & julio (88.79%)

10 C AA Liquid moon- inspector k (88.80%)

7 H AA little bitch- The Specials

9 H AA Livin' a lie- Milk Inc.

9 H AA living whitout your love- Interactive

8 H AA lollipop- Dj Aligator

12 H A Lonely (marathon)- Deep Spirit

10 H A Lord of the thunder (marathon)- Rhapsody

11 C A Lost trance- taq vs. ren

8 H AA Love Tropicana- jugle wa isumo

7 H AA love you like a fool - jessica folker

12 C AA Lower world- Dj setup

9 H AA luv to me- riger yamato


7 H AA Magic Alec presents resonance- Magic Alec

6 H AAAA Makaroni- Darlaa

7 H AAA Make a Jam- U1

8 H AA Mambo no. 5- Lou Bega

9 H AA Matsuri Japan- Re-venge

10 H A Max 300- Omega

10 H AA Max 321 Stars- SLK -9888.sys

10 AA Max Eternity- Omega

10 H AA MAX- 2MB

10 H A Max4Ever- DDR4Ever

10 H A Maxx Enigma- BemaniRuler

10 H AA Maxx Unlimited- Z

9 H AA Maxx wishful- Dj Tepples

8 H AA Mellow- Spacekats (94.77%)

8 H AA Milkshake- Kelis

7 H AA Miracle- Casandra

8 H AA Mission impossible theme- Dj speedo

8 H A Monkey magi- E-pak-sa

12 C A Monolith- Affinity (80.81%)

12 C A Moon_Child- Shonen Radio

13 H A Moondance- Nightwish

8 H AA moonlight shadow- Missing Heart

7 H AAA More Than This'99- Emmine

9 H A Mosquito- Dj Aligator

9 H A Move your body- Xpansions

9 H A mr. bassman- John Entwhistle

6 H AA My favourite game- The Cardigans

10 C AA My favourite game- Natalie Browne (93.03%)

6 H A My heart will go on- Deja Vu

8 H AA My Humps(long)- Black Eyed Peas

9 H AA My summer love- Mitsu-o

10 C AA Mythology- Digital Explosion (90.42%)


10 H AA Neomax- Dm Ashura

10 H AA Neomax(marathon)- Dm Ashura

9 H A Nessaja- Scooter

9 C AA Never Agian- Milk inc.

9 H A Night on fire- Niko

7 H AA ninja rap- Vanilla Ice

9 C AA No 1 Nation- Anet (90.93%)

10 C AA No princess- Lynn (83.14%)

7 H A Nori nori nori- Judy Crystal

10 C AA Numb Encore- Jay Z & Linkin park


9 H A O'Fortuna- Dj Hype

10 C AA Oasis- Kaw (85.88%)

8 H A Ocean of memories- Titanic

10 H A Oh Em Gee 3!!!- MacGravel

10 H A Oh for fuck's sake- Cmcm

11 C A Omega(long)- Max dragon

9 H AA on & on- Yanou Presents DO

9 C AA On a Day like today- Obsession (92.77%)

10 C AA One false move- Dust Devil (91.22%)

9 H AA one more time(remix)- CJ Crew

8 H A one more time- Daft punk

7 H AA Ordinary World- Auroria

8 H AA orginal zelda- Zelda

10 C AA Out of the dark- Hybrid (83.45%)


6 H AA PA-Theme- Mc Frontalot (80.78%)

12 H A Painkiller- MediaStudio

13 C A Pandemonium- ZigZag (80.22%)

9 H AA Paradox- Turbo

10 C AA Paranoia Bounce Connected- TaQ

8 H AA Paranoia- 180

9 H AA Paranoia eternal- Stm 200

10 C AA Paranoia Evil- DJ Sapphire

8 H AA paranoia evolution- 200

9 H A paranoia hamsterdance - Cyrnic

8 H AA paranoia kcet- 2MB

8 H AA paranoia Max(dirty)- 190

8 H AA paranoia Max~dirty~-190

9 H AA Paranoia Rebirth + kcet- 190+ 2MB

10 H AA Paranoia Respect

10 C A Paranoia Survivor- 270

10 C AA Paranoia Survivor max- 290

9 H AA party affair- Dj Boozywoozy

8 H A passing by- Darude

1 C AAA Peanut butter jelly time- the Buckwheat boys

10 H A Piano Concerto No.9(long)- Mozart

8 H AA pick me up and tango- Nina

7 H A Poison- Groove Coverage

9 H A Poison (tune up)- Groove Coverage

8 H AA Pokémon- Tv Theme

9 H A pokémon- Vicki sue Robinson

9 H AA Pretty green eyes- Ultrabeat

9 H A Protect your mind- Ayla


10 H AA Quasar- Outphase

9 C AA Queen of light remix- missing heart (95.51%)

10 C AA Queen of light- Missing heart (92.82%)


11 H A R3- Dm ashura

11 C A Rage of the winter- Phapsody

7 H AA Raise ya hands up- DJ Boozywoozy

10 H A Raptor- Some Dude

10 C AA Reactor- Jason Creasey (83.78%)

11 C A Red Wings- FF IV

10 C AA Remeber December- Mind Reflection (90.94%)

6 D AAA Retarded- DheDarkhCustarD

9 H A Rice & curry- Dr. Bombay

11 C A Robotix- KBit (81.58%)

13 C A Rom-eo & juli8- Nina (78.74%)

8 H AA Rubberneckin'- Elvis Presley

8 H AA Runaway- Groove Coverage

7 H AA Rushing- Loni Clark


10 C A Sabre Dance- Khatchaturian

11 H A Sail Away- Draigun

9 C AA Sakura- RevenG

9 C A SakuraKagetsu(remix)- RevenGlll

7 H AA Sakurakagetsu- Akito

9 H A Samb-Adaigo- Safri Duo

8 H AA Sandstorm- Drakude

8 H AA Satisfaction- Benny Benassi

8 H AA Satisfaction(long)- Benny Benassi

9 H A Scatman- Scatman John

8 H A Scatman 2003- Scatman John

6 H AA Schnappi das kleine krokodil- Schnappi

11 C A Science soldier boss- Naoki

8 H AA Scream for more- Kate Ryan

10 H A Segersang- Finntroll

9 H A Setsugekka- Ryu

13 C A Shadows og death(marathon)- Rhapsody

9 C AA Shiilol- Shii

9 H AA shut up and sleep with me- Sin With Sebastian

12 H A Sigsig- Kors K

11 C AA Silent Hill- Thomas Howard

8 H AA silver and cold- Afi

12 H AA Sleepless- Toby Emerson

9 H AA Smile (speed)- Orlando

12 C A Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm

10 H A So Cold(long)- Breaking Benjamin

9 H AA So Deep- Silvertear

7 H AAA So Good- Boyzone

10 C AA Soapy Bubble (79.14%)

8 H A Someone new- Eskobar

8 H A Something- Lasgo

8 H AA Something(Snute vers.)- Lasgo

8 H A Somewhere- Bubbles

7 H AA Somewhere over the rainbow- Cosmic Gate

8 H AA Sonic theme- Sonic Team

8 H AA Sp-trip machine(jungle mix)- De-Sire

10 C A Spaceman- Lynn (78.52%)

8 H AA speed over beethoven- Rose

11 C AA Spring- Antonio Vivaldi

7 H AAA Spin the disc- Cool Good

11 H AAA Spring- Antonio Vivaldi

8 H A Stay- Dj Encore

10 C A Stay together for the kids- Bink 182

8 H A Stomp- Dj Aligator

7 H AA Stomp to my beat- JS-16

13 C AA Summer ~speedy mix~-Smiley (83.52%)

10 C A Summer in Belize- Digital Explosion

9 H A Sunday- Ayla

10 C AA super mario bros(long)- Nintendo

9 C AA Super Mario Land- Jaxx

10 C AA super mario world- Nintendo

9 H AA Super Metroid- Hirokazu Tanaka

10 H AA Supercalifragilistcexpialidocious- go go girls

9 H A Sweet sweet magic- Jun

10 C AA Sweet World- Omega men (88.58%)

8 H A sympathyzer- Ask

10 H A Symphony no 9- Mazerati


13 H A Take on me(long)- Ahha

10 C A Teahouse- Juno Reactor

12 C A Tell- Symphonious (69.81%)

10 C AA Temple of Boom- Yanis Kamarinos (90.65%)

10 C AA Tension- Inspector K (90.96%)

10 H AA Tetris ~trance mix~(long)- 2PM

9 C AA That sound- Kid Whatever (86.68%)

6 H AA That was then, this is now- Hi-Five

9 H A The 7th revolution- Naoki

10 C A The la menthe- Nikkfurie

5 H AA The bad touch- Bloodhound gang

11 C AA The Beginning- DJ doo (84.81%)

9 C A The game- Crispy (74.84%)

11 H A The legend og dj obvious- oh yea

10 C AA The legend of max- ZZ

10 C A The legend of maxx 300- Omega +z+zz

10 C A The legend of zelda medley(marathon)- Nintendo

9 H A The Llama song- Burton Earny

7 H AA The logical song- Scooter

8 C A The pokémon thing song(long)- Unknown

9 C AA The message- Nini (94.78%)

8 H AA The Riddle(long)- Gigi D'Agostino

9 H AA The rock show- Blink 182

7 H A The Shining Polaris - L.E.D feat sana

10 H AA The sin war(long)- Dankit

9 H AA The spirit of yesterday- Dj volume

7 H AA The system is down-

8 H A The terminator- Dj Terminator

7 H AA The vibe is right- ruby turner

9 H AAA Theme from "Angel"- Darling Violetta

10 H A Tokyo style speedcore- m1dy

9 H AA Top gear track1- Rayza

10 H A Touch fuzzy, get dizzy- Yoshi's Island

9 H A Touch me- Angel city

9 H AA Tourniquet- Evanescence

8 H AA Toxic- Britney Spears

7 H AAA Toxic- Helen (supernova)

10 H A Tracing Fale(long)- Onoken

10 C AA Tribal Style- Kaw (95.91%)

7 H AA Trick me- Kelis

9 H AA Trip machine climax- De-sire

9 H A Trip machine survivor- De-sire

9 H A Trip man survivor - De-sire

10 H AA Trogdor pump remix- Cycerin

11 C A trolls in the dark- Rhapsody

9 H AA Tsugaru- RevenG

9 H AA Tsugaru 180- RevenG

6 H AA Tubthumping- Chumbawamba

10 H A Tumba- The Happy Devils


7 H AA U can't touch this- MC Hammer

12 H A Ub3r r4ve- rage

8 H AA Uh la la la- Alexia

8 C AA Uncle Fucker- South Park

11 C A Utopia- Smiley (89.88%)


9 C A V(for extreme)- Taka

9 H A V ~rasen style~(long)- Taka

8 H AA Vanity Angel- Fixx

13 C AA Vertex^2- ZigZag (83.30%)

12 C AA Vertex- ZigZag (90.65%)

6 H AA Video killed the radio star- Buggles

8 H AA Vordhosbn- Aphex Twin


8 H AA Waka Laka- Jenny Rom

8 H AA Walk the dinosaur- /Was (Not Was)

10 C A Walking on fire- Evolution (75.93%)

9 C AA We know what to do- Matiloe (90.47%)

8 H AA What is love?- Haddaway

8 H AA When i grow up- Garbage

7 H AA Where dragons fly- Rhapsody

10 C AA While that rekkid sprinz remix- dj Zombie (92.74%)

8 H AA Whisper- Milk Inc .

10 C AA Winter- Banya

8 H A Without me- MC Boys

7 H AA Word up- Cameo

6 H AA Word up- Korn

9 H A Work it out- Beyonce

7 H AAA www.blonde girl- Jenny Rom


9 H A x-y-z "tiny c mix"- Cranky

10 C AA Xepher- Tatsh

11 C A Xuxa- Smiley (93.74%)


8 H A Yoshi games- Nintendo

8 H AA you spin me round- Dead Or Alive


12 H A Zelda Dungeon Remix- Dj Tracer

10 H AA Zelda metal- Silk

11 H A Zero One- Nao. Paradigm

10 C AA Zodiac- Banzai (94.07%)

9 H AA Zorbas dance- LCD


9 H A ??? -Des-row

7 H AA Sway- Shaft

11 H A -X-perience- Dj Lee